It was about 6.30 in the morning. I was walking inside my hostel campus, just like I do most mornings, when my phone started ringing. I picked it up and it was my friend, who needed a small help from me. It was a simple thing that I was asked to do and I told her that I would surely do it for her. Well, the conversation ended right there and I continued walking.

As I thought about the help she wanted out of me, I felt a little lazy to do it and wondered if I should have given an excuse. But immediately, God reminded me that I should not be thinking the way I was thinking.

I just stopped and thought for a while. What if I had needed that same help and the other person felt uninterested to do it? How would I feel if I get to know her mind?

I sure knew the answer for my questions. I would definitely be hurt.

Realising my mistake, I asked God to forgive me for thinking that way and I did what she wanted, as soon as I went back to my room, knowing God knows I’m helping her with all my heart, and He would be happy that His child is doing so.

I Peter 4:9 says, “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”

When we are asked for help, by our friends, we mostly agree to do it. But the question is, are we doing it whole heartedly?

When Jesus showed His love by dying on the cross for us, He did it will all His heart, not just on the outside, because His love for us true. Similarly, when we show these small acts of love to others, God wants us to do it without grumbling, that is, wholeheartedly.

Besides giving out what we are asked for, we also should to be willing to help even when they don’t ask for it. All of us know God has told us to do to others what we want them to do.  But it seems to be so difficult in reality.

Nevertheless, embracing the love of Christ and reflecting it in our lives, even in small actions should be our prime aim. For God’s word says that by the love, that we show to others, we will be known as the disciples of God.

So my dear friend, think about it. Are we reflecting the love of Christ in our lives just like how He did? Are we doing our best to show the love of God to the world? Are we doing it with all our hearts?

If not, it’s high time we soak ourselves with the love of God, by meditating on His word and experiencing His love, so that we will be able to give the same love to those around us.

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