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May 2012

About To Give up Praying?

Don't give up

Ramola, a poor widow had lost her husband years back. She not only lost her only companion in life, but also all that she had to call her property, by her so-called relatives who overpowered her and seized it from her. There was no help that she could find except the head of the small Village that she lived in.

Unfortunately, the Man was not a good leader. He was selfish and inclined to enjoy life on His own without caring for the needs of his people. When this widow approached him, he turned nothing but a deaf ear to her. She was compelled to get out of his presence every time she went to him, just because he was too busy for her doing nothing at all.

The woman would go silently after trying hard to talk to him. Yet she would return the very next day and would go home without even seeing the face of the judge. This went on for a whole year. Though she was mocked by the people around her, though the judge hated to see her face, though men chased her away mercilessly, though she found no answer for one whole year, she kept persisting. She kept going to him.

Her body might have been weak, but her heart was strong. She was a persistent lady never giving up on what she wanted. She wanted justice and she was going to get it done no matter what.

As days went on this Head of the Village who had neither the fear of God, nor care for the people saw how annoying the widow was and called her to listen to her plea. He did not stop with that. He saw to it that what she wanted was done for her, putting to shame all those who spoke against her, who mocked her and cheated her.

Now, that was just a paraphrase of the parable Jesus mentions in Luke 18.  Jesus tells this to make his disciples understand that they need to be persistent in prayer and not give up.

A selfish Judge could do justice for a widow just because she kept going to him. How much more will we get justice done through persistent prayer, being the Children of God, His chosen ones?

My dear friend, if you are in a situation where you feel justice is not done to you, you don’t have what you should be having, you feel miserable with the feeling of having lost everything in life, may it be materialistic, spiritual, emotional or physical, there is a way you can have what you want, if only if it is not out of God’s will for you.

It is through prayer!

Jesus was a man of prayer, and He wants us to pray without ceasing too. May be we don’t see the results right away, but we will someday, but we just should not give up.

There is nothing we cannot do, we cannot face, if we constantly keep submitting it to God in prayer. What cannot be achieved by any other means can be achieved by fervent and persistent prayer.

If you’ve been praying long enough for something and are about to give up or you have already, let me encourage you my friend, get back on your knees and pray, for there is no other way. And all your prayers are soon to be rewarded. In a way better than you ever imagined or can, for the judge is your heavenly Father who is in favour of you. Keep going to Him. He wants you to persist.


Living The Way God Wants Me To Live

Years back I had this friend, who had a great impact in my life for quite sometime. The impact was sadly negative. Though she was a good person, there was one thing that ruled her that needed a serious change. It was anger. She would lose her temper for no reason and yell at the top of her voice whenever she does.

Being with her always made me like her. I started yelling too so badly like never before and it took so much of time to revert back to normal even after we departed. The reason I got that nature from her was simple. I was always with her, I kept seeing what she did, It got deep into me and I found myself doing what I had been hearing and seeing.

It is the same with anything that we feed ourselves with. I believe every good or bad thing that we do starts with a simple thought in our minds. And I believe our thoughts are mostly based on what enters us through our eyes and ears.

During exam times , I can almost predict my dreams I would have at nights. I would dream of problems, diagrams, theory and even the teacher, For that is what I stuff my head with.


If we are going to keep listening to those word of that song that deviates our minds from the way God wants us to live or from God Himself;

If we are going to encourage those Godless talks/gossip with friends;

If we are going to feed our eyes with pictures that corrupt our minds;

If we are going to watch those scenes that we know we should not be watching;

Or if we are going to do anything that we should not have anything to do with,

Then that is what is going to rule our thought life. They don’t fail to have their work in our minds.

Once these thoughts are conceived start dwelling in our minds, then there is no surprise that, as Paul says, we do what we don’t want to do and we do not do what we want to do.

So my dear friend, if you’re a person struggling to live a life you know you should be living, the way god wants you to live, holy and pleasing unto Him I encourage you to make sure you do the following;

1. Do your best to keep away from those books, songs, movies, talks, pictures or anything that leads you away from you Creator. Make sure they don’t even exist around you, as much as possible, so that you will not be tempted by them all the more.

2. And the best way… Fill yourself with what is good, with the Word of God. God’s Word has power and life. The more we read and meditate on His Word, the more we are inclined to God and do what He wants us to do.

Romans 12.2 says,

 Do not conform any longer to pattern of the world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.

This transformation in our minds can happen only by through the Word of God. By meditating on it day and night.

Once our minds are renewed and our thought life is according to His Word, then living a holy life, a life according to God’s will slowly falls in line.

How are you benefited by this post? Have you been struggling to live a God-pleasing life? How did you overcome? Leave your comments below and encourage the other readers.

How do I react to this problem?


How do we react when we feel things are going wrong? We may simply worry about it, unable to carry on even our daily chores properly, or we may sit and analyse the problem, trying to figure out how to tackle it to bring things back to form. That was exactly what I was trying to do that evening, when I felt disappointments flooding in like never before.

Every thing that I thought was going fine was taking a different direction. And suddenly I felt there was no help or support from any side. There was just this sinking feeling that I could not get rid of, all evening.

I thought I had to find out a way to make things right. When I could not find one, I allowed negativity to grip me for a while, letting it take my time and energy, which I could have spent in a fruitful way.

Only later did I come to my senses, finding myself being silly taking up everything on my own head and worrying about it when a had a wonderful choice of going to God, telling Him what just happened, surrendering the problem to Him and simply trusting Him.

I did what I was supposed to do and when I did go to God, He led me to these wonderful verses in Exodus 14: 13-14, which say,

…” Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.

The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.

The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still.

It was an amazing experience. I, who was so perplexed and apprehensive about the problems around totally calmed down unbelievably. And I got the answer to my question, ‘what should I do about the problem’. The answer was simple. I just had to stay quiet and be still trusting God, for He was going to fight the battle for me and make everything right in His own way.

Psalms 147.11 says …” the Lord delights in those who put their hope in His unfailing love.”

Yes, He is happy when we trust Him just like how we are moved and are happy when our friend totally trusts us. May be the problems around are huge, the disappointments seem never-ending and the situation is totally hopeless. There is just one solution, which is to surrender it to God and blindly trust Him completely.

It may be our financial conditions that are driving us mad, our future, family, problems, health, work, exams or people. Just name it and I tell you it is nothing for God. He is just waiting for us to give the matter into His hands so that He can work on it. Unless we hand it over to Him, we are not allowing God to work through the problem.

When I tried working out issues myself, nothing good happened, but when I left it to God, everything that seemed like ‘going wrong’, just fell in place. Above all there was this peace of God that was filling my heart so great.

There is just one thing we need to do when there are problems and hopeless conditions around – Be still and trust God, for He is the one who fights for us and make things right.

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