I’ve had this desire in me for very long, a desire to do something with the little talents that God has given me, a desire to write.

But there was also fear. What if no one likes what I write? And what do I even write about?

This was not the first time I got such questions discouraging me. It happened almost every time I felt I could do something. My confidence was thrown in the dark.

But this time I decided to do something. I shared this small desire in my heart with my friend. I thought she would encourage me. And behold! She did.

Broony sits next to me in class and always cheers me up. The moment I told her that I wanted to write, she started encouraging me, telling me how to start and how to keep going. She said “its okay, if no one reads it”, and she went on till I felt I should really start writing, no matter what.

Do you see this blog now? It was because of God’s grace and those little encouraging words, spoken to me, when I simply wanted to write. Today I receive mails from people in and out of India telling how they are blessed by God’s word.

The Bible says, in Hebrews 3.13, “encourage one another daily”, and in Ephesians 4. 29,”Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen”.

You never know how much the small encouraging words you speak can work in others’ lives. It will bring life, hope, joy and meaning in their life even without your knowledge. And you will be remembered for it even if you don’t realize it.

God always wants us to be of good cheer, to rejoice in Him and trust Him. There is nothing like the Word of God (Bible) that can encourage us. Take heart and spend time with the Word of God, and you will be encouraged and will be a source of encouragement to those around you.

So, let us encourage one another, build each other’s faith and press on.