I have wondered many times how God could allow so much of pain in my life. But I never realized then, that it was only for my good.

The Lesson From Pain

All of us have a lot of people around us, friends, classmates, colleagues, family members and so on. But there will be just one person we feel very close to, with whom you laugh together, cry together, work together and just enjoy each other’s friendship, because the bond is so good. There is so much trust between each other.

God blessed me with such a friend, someone I trusted like I trusted no one else. I could bear any problem with anyone else except with this best friend of mine. When she was there for me, I felt supported, comforted and strong. Nothing that happened to me seemed like a very big problem.

But one day I found myself in a situation where things were not the same anymore. In fact it was just the opposite. My best friend was no more my best friend and very soon, I found myself being avoided by the same person who once loved me so much.

The pain drained me mentally and was crying to God about how helpless I felt. And I learnt a lesson from the pain.

When my friend was there for me, no other problem seemed huge. The reason was that I loved her so much and was happy she was there to stand beside me when I needed help. But if God had been there in that place of my friend, nothing would have disappointed or hurt me.

If God is our greatest love, nobody else or nothing else will seem big enough to crush us, because we will always have the love of our life with us.

People may fail us but Jesus never does. Love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8) and God is love. He is always there for us.

God wants us to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. When we do not do that, and give His place to others, we face problems in life which will draw us close to Him and understand His love.

Yet He is a gentle God, who will never force us. It’s our choice to either choose Him and go to Him or reject Him and run to the world for love. He waits patiently with arms wide open for you.

My friend if you’re doing the same mistake that I once did, giving the place of God to others in your life, rectify it now. And if you’re going through the pain that I went through, run to Jesus. Just close your eyes and invite Him into your heart. He will come in and be your best friend.

Only Jesus can love us unconditionally and satisfy us always.