Waiting on God for your Mr. Right

I read about a girl who gave her life at a very young age and surrendered every part of her life including her marriage to Jesus. She decided never to give her heart to any man unless she was sure that he was the person that God had for her and it was the right timing for her to give her heart to him.

For a young American girl of 12 to surrender completely to God, never have a boyfriend and just wait on God to bring someone into her life seemed insane to people around. But was it really worth it?

Krissy kept living completely surrendered to Jesus and serving Him with all her heart. She did not look for a guy and simply trusted that one day God will bring her Mr. Right to her.

She passed her high school and later her college without having a single boyfriend. She was then in her twenties and went across to her thirties still without any guy.

It was then that someone asked her, “Krissy, are you called to be single?” That was not an easy question for her to answer, for it had always been Krissy’s deep desire to get married and to raise a family. She thought for a while and then she answered, “Today I am.”

She did not know how and when God would bring her man into her life, but she was so in love with Jesus that He had become her all in all. She would wake up in the morning with a huge smile, take her bible and read it as if the love of her life had left a love note to her while she was asleep.

Krissy was so fulfilled in Christ and was willing to do anything that God wanted her to do.

Later she felt God’s call to go to a small place to serve Him. But people around her advised her to move to a bigger city where there would be some possibility for her to find a man. Yet, Krissy simply obeyed God and did not try to manipulate situations around her to get married.

As she was taking a bible study in that place where God had called her, a man in his mid thirties, just a little older to Krissy occurred to join the group. This man had the same commitment as Krissy did and he had never given his heart to a girl before. They became friends and later knew that God was leading them to marriage.

Krissy did not regret that she had wasted so many years without getting married because those were blessed years of her life when God used her as a single to bring so many lives to Himself and impact countless number of people around her.

And when they finally got married, it was a glorious day, that as she walked into the church, the presence of God filled the entire place and the beauty of Jesus radiated on her face.

God brought her Mr. Right in a place and a time that was least possible according to everyone around. But, God is God and is able to do anything that He wants in His own time.

Somewhere God has prepared the one who is the best for us. But if we try to take the matter in our own hands, we may miss God’s best for us.

Rather than looking earnestly for a man and getting anxious about our future, if we surrender to Christ and start living for God, trusting Him to bring the right person in the right time in our lives, He will bring the right person at the right time and we will never be disappointed.