A servant of God left his home town at a young age to serve God in a far away place. After several years of slogging in ministry, he returned home expecting a great reward from God. The president of his country was in the same ship as he was, both eagerly waiting to arrive at their destination.

When they finally reached their home town, the president got out first. As he stood there and waved his hand, he was welcomed and cheered by a huge crowd of people shouting and rejoicing. Red carpet, bands and loads of gifts awaited him.

But as the man of God got out, there was no one to receive him or welcome him. He put his head down in discouragement and walked away silently. His heart yearned for an answer as to why God would let him down in his own home town after his faithful service for years.

It was not very long before the reply came from God. He gently and lovingly replied, “My son! But you’re not home yet.”

The story reminded me of how many times we forget that this earth is just a temporary place of living, after which God has prepared a glorious eternal home for us with Him in Heaven.

We live and slog as though this is where we belong. But let us never forget that our goal is to reach our true home which is in Heaven with the only unconditionally loving God, Jesus.

He will be waiting for us with arms wide open to receive us with love that the world can never give and he will say to us, “Well done! Good and faithful servant.”

What a joy it is to hear those words from our maker after so much of pain and suffering and still holding on to His ways when the world never approves anything we do according to His Word.

So let us put behind our backs all the worries, pressures, problems and pleasures of this world and place our God always in front of our eyes, without turning to the left or to the right, so that, we will not miss our eternal blessing, focusing on the temporary things in this short and fleeting life on earth.