My husband and I waited for signs of pregnancy after being married for a couple of months.There seemed to be none. Though we did not feel miserable we were a little concerned about the matter.

We waited month after month, only to be disappointed.

After several months passed by, I felt crushed. One side people questioning, another the yearning for my own child when I saw other children.

All this while it never occurred to me that I should take this matter to God seriously in prayer. But after months which seemed like years I decided to pray fervently just as Hannah did.

As I kept praying, God spoke to me and said that I will conceive and have a child. It was not very hard for me to believe this promise as I have witnessed God being faithful to His promises time and time again.

The very next month I conceived and today as I write this blog, it’s not even one complete year from the day God promised me a child. God has blessed us with a beautiful boy baby.

I wanted to run to doctor for tests and treatments, but before that we turned to God and He was our very present help in time of need. No one could have helped us better. He will help you too, whatever be your need and situation. Just ask God.

Anything you ask for in prayer, in Jesus’ name and believe that you will receive, God will be faithful to fulfil.