Watch video on endurance

The Lord says “ clay in the hands of a potter, so are you in my hand” (Jeremiah 18:6).

Do you feel crushed by the pressures you face from every side? My friend, do not be discouraged. Know that God is moulding you into a beautiful vessel of great worth, which can be used for His glory.
Though it is hard to accept it now, let us keep trusting God and enduring in all our tough situations, for one day we will surely turn back and thank God for everything that we go through.Joseph, whom we read about in the Bible, was a great man of God.But his life was not smooth. He went through so much of pain in his life time.His own brothers hated him and plotted to kill him. They sold him to foreigners and lied to their father that he was dead. Yet Joseph did not give up on God because of his loneliness, a state of being hated by his own family that he love.Next, he was accused wrongly of a crime that he never committed and was thrown into the prison. He still held on to God.

Joseph did not grumble over the situation that he was facing, but walked in the ways of God. People could see that the spirit of God was with him. He was blessed in everything that he did and was elevated to such a great position.

Joseph remained close to God, yet he had to face problems to be molded into a beautiful vessel that God wanted him to be.

If your life is like this today, then cheer up. For God is on your side. He is your strength. All that your going through is for your own good.

There are other times when we tend to go way from God. During such times, our faithful God, who loves us doesn’t let go of us. He know what will happen to us if we keep going away from Him. He wants us to be close to Him. So, He might allow some situations in out life to pull us close to Him.

If a child is not corrected by his parents, we know how unruly the child can grow up to be. Remember the Lord corrects those He loves, as a father corrects a son.
 God allows situations in our lives, only for our good.We should never take light the discipline of  God. Let us then analyse our lives and see whether we are walking in the ways of God. If not, there is no time to waste and there is no better place to go. Let us turn back to Jesus for He is our only hope. He will make our paths straight.What ever might be our situation today, just remember that God is in control. All that we need to think about  is whether we are walking in God’s ways or not. if we do, then we just need to trust God and be happy.
[Watch this video on endurance. I was blessed through it. Hope it’ll be a blessing for you too.]