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The Lesson From Pain

I have wondered many times how God could allow so much of pain in my life. But I never realized then, that it was only for my good.

The Lesson From Pain

All of us have a lot of people around us, friends, classmates, colleagues, family members and so on. But there will be just one person we feel very close to, with whom you laugh together, cry together, work together and just enjoy each other’s friendship, because the bond is so good. There is so much trust between each other.

God blessed me with such a friend, someone I trusted like I trusted no one else. I could bear any problem with anyone else except with this best friend of mine. When she was there for me, I felt supported, comforted and strong. Nothing that happened to me seemed like a very big problem.

But one day I found myself in a situation where things were not the same anymore. In fact it was just the opposite. My best friend was no more my best friend and very soon, I found myself being avoided by the same person who once loved me so much. Continue reading “The Lesson From Pain”


Joy, Pain, Comfort, Counsel

Having come to the end of this academic year, I just took a few minutes to think about how the entire year had gone.

To me, this whole year has been a period when I went through a lot of tears. The worst part was, I went through it all alone. I cried so much that I sometimes felt my brain would burst out, yet I shared it with no one around, for I did not find anyone to do so.

But then, there was hope! God helped me to turn to Him every time I faced something. And each time He proved Himself so compassionate, understanding and loving, no matter what kind of problem I went to Him with and how many times I went to Him for the same reason.

My God spoke to me every single time, through His Word, right into my situation. There were times I was wonder-struck at the way He spoke the exact thing that I needed and the way He did it every time without fail.

Of course He is God, who knows me inside out, even the deepest secrets in my heart.

When I was totally down, His word alone was my delight. When I thought I’m done and there is no hope for me, He filled me with peace and joy that was so beyond understanding. He not only consoled me, turning my sorrows into joy, but also counselled me each time through His Word and showed me the way out.

There was a time when I felt so pressed by all the work that I had to complete in the college, the exams that were like a terror at that time, the hurts from people around and other small problems adding fuel to these. I really thought I was going to go mad. But His Word sustained me. At that time, God just told me one thing – to rejoice in the glorious riches that He has for me in Heaven, which will never perish and not to worry about these earthly problems which will disappear very soon. (1 Peter 1. 3-6)

His Word turned my focus, from my problems to Him, and filled my heart with the same peace that filled me every time I went to Him.

Today I thank God for everything that I went through, for through it all, He made me understand the power of the Word of God.

This evening, as I was telling one of my friends that I went through a lot of tears this year, she could hardly believe it, for she never felt I was going through any pain. But the truth was, I did go through it. But God, through His Word made me smile in situations when it was not possible a bit and counselled me as to what I had to do. That’s what kept me going.

The psalmist says in Psalm 119.24, “Your statutes are my delight, they are my counsellors.”

How true this verse has been in my life!

Only His Word can bring life when we feel dead, delight when we are depressed and counsel when we are directionless. Praise be to God!

Have you been through such situations? How did God help you out? Share your views and experiences in the comments section below!

With All Your Heart

It was about 6.30 in the morning. I was walking inside my hostel campus, just like I do most mornings, when my phone started ringing. I picked it up and it was my friend, who needed a small help from me. It was a simple thing that I was asked to do and I told her that I would surely do it for her. Well, the conversation ended right there and I continued walking.

As I thought about the help she wanted out of me, I felt a little lazy to do it and wondered if I should have given an excuse. But immediately, God reminded me that I should not be thinking the way I was thinking.

I just stopped and thought for a while. What if I had needed that same help and the other person felt uninterested to do it? How would I feel if I get to know her mind?

I sure knew the answer for my questions. I would definitely be hurt.

Realising my mistake, I asked God to forgive me for thinking that way and I did what she wanted, as soon as I went back to my room, knowing God knows I’m helping her with all my heart, and He would be happy that His child is doing so.

I Peter 4:9 says, “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”

When we are asked for help, by our friends, we mostly agree to do it. But the question is, are we doing it whole heartedly?

When Jesus showed His love by dying on the cross for us, He did it will all His heart, not just on the outside, because His love for us true. Similarly, when we show these small acts of love to others, God wants us to do it without grumbling, that is, wholeheartedly.

Besides giving out what we are asked for, we also should to be willing to help even when they don’t ask for it. All of us know God has told us to do to others what we want them to do.  But it seems to be so difficult in reality.

Nevertheless, embracing the love of Christ and reflecting it in our lives, even in small actions should be our prime aim. For God’s word says that by the love, that we show to others, we will be known as the disciples of God.

So my dear friend, think about it. Are we reflecting the love of Christ in our lives just like how He did? Are we doing our best to show the love of God to the world? Are we doing it with all our hearts?

If not, it’s high time we soak ourselves with the love of God, by meditating on His word and experiencing His love, so that we will be able to give the same love to those around us.

Have a comment, doubt or advice? Feel free to share in the comments section. GBU!

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