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Having come to the end of this academic year, I just took a few minutes to think about how the entire year had gone.

To me, this whole year has been a period when I went through a lot of tears. The worst part was, I went through it all alone. I cried so much that I sometimes felt my brain would burst out, yet I shared it with no one around, for I did not find anyone to do so.

But then, there was hope! God helped me to turn to Him every time I faced something. And each time He proved Himself so compassionate, understanding and loving, no matter what kind of problem I went to Him with and how many times I went to Him for the same reason.

My God spoke to me every single time, through His Word, right into my situation. There were times I was wonder-struck at the way He spoke the exact thing that I needed and the way He did it every time without fail.

Of course He is God, who knows me inside out, even the deepest secrets in my heart.

When I was totally down, His word alone was my delight. When I thought I’m done and there is no hope for me, He filled me with peace and joy that was so beyond understanding. He not only consoled me, turning my sorrows into joy, but also counselled me each time through His Word and showed me the way out.

There was a time when I felt so pressed by all the work that I had to complete in the college, the exams that were like a terror at that time, the hurts from people around and other small problems adding fuel to these. I really thought I was going to go mad. But His Word sustained me. At that time, God just told me one thing – to rejoice in the glorious riches that He has for me in Heaven, which will never perish and not to worry about these earthly problems which will disappear very soon. (1 Peter 1. 3-6)

His Word turned my focus, from my problems to Him, and filled my heart with the same peace that filled me every time I went to Him.

Today I thank God for everything that I went through, for through it all, He made me understand the power of the Word of God.

This evening, as I was telling one of my friends that I went through a lot of tears this year, she could hardly believe it, for she never felt I was going through any pain. But the truth was, I did go through it. But God, through His Word made me smile in situations when it was not possible a bit and counselled me as to what I had to do. That’s what kept me going.

The psalmist says in Psalm 119.24, “Your statutes are my delight, they are my counsellors.”

How true this verse has been in my life!

Only His Word can bring life when we feel dead, delight when we are depressed and counsel when we are directionless. Praise be to God!

Have you been through such situations? How did God help you out? Share your views and experiences in the comments section below!


The Gift of Friendship

Friendship is something that most of us value in our lives.For some, friends are everything. We look up to them not just in happy moments,but also in pain. When we feel miserable and hopeless we long to find this person that we love so much, just to share our hearts out to them. This brings a special joy, a feeling of comfort, to know that there is someone who really cares, someone to listen to what we have to say, and someone to be with us during those bad times also.

A life without a friend is unimaginable.

The bible gives us a wonderful example for friendship. Yes, David and Jonathan.

Here Jonathan was the son of Saul, the king, who was intending the death of David. But we know what happens. Jonathan did not betray his friend in his trouble, but was ready to do anything for him. He helped him escape and  loved him as he loved himself.

If you have such friends, you truly love you, you are blessed

Realize that God-given friends are precious, thank God for them. Let them know how much you love them, help them in their times of need. Appreciate them and encourage them. Most importantly, if your friend is not yet saved, then tell him about the love of Jesus. There is nothing better you can do for him than bringing him into salvation and there is nothing worse that you can do than from keeping him from being saved, when you know the truth.

After all this we still have to accept the fact that no earthly friends can always remain with us. No such love can satisfy us.

This is due to various factors like distance, different situations in their lives, responsibilities etc. Every person is bound by these factors, including us. That is why we cannot always depend on others, neither can we blame them if they are not able to help us.

But we have a beautiful assurance. The assurance that there is one friend who can always be with us. Who can satisfy us with His love. Who is not bound by time or space or anything else. Who went to the extent of dying for us. He is Jesus. He died a horrible death on the cross, so that we may be saved from our sins and have eternal life.

John 15: 14 says, “You are my friends, if you do what I command.”

What else do we need?. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords wants to be friends with us. Why wait any longer for some other friend. He is the best friend you can ever have. He can understand you completely, for He knows everything concerning you. He delights in listening to you and answering you, because He loves you and calls you His friend.

Let me now turn  you attention to the one condition that He adds to it – We have to obey His command, which is to love one another. Jesus wants us to love everyone just like how He loves us. Paul writes in His letters that if we don’t have love we are nothing. It is through this love that all men know that we are the disciples of Jesus. So let us show love to everyone around us.

Now as we obey Him and accept Him as our friend, there will never be a moment when we will regret being with Him or sharing with Him. His love is the only love that can satisfy us and comfort us in any kind of depression or pain. He is the only person with whom we can share everything.

Once you call Him into your life, He will come in and be with you. He is a faithful God. He will never leave you alone in any situation, even when you’re in the worst of worst situation.

Go to Him in prayer today. And I tell you, the best moments in your life will be the time that you spend with Jesus. He is waiting for you.

Have an enjoyable journey with Jesus!

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