Don’t ever allow the feeling of inadequateness hold you from stepping out for God. For as we think, it not the talents or courage that we have, that God needs to use us for His’ sake.

Moses was a stutterer, who felt totally insecure because of his weakness. He thought there were so many others outside whom God can use and even advised God to send someone else. But ‘he’ was the person God wanted to lead His children out of slavery. He was His chosen instrument.

Today God wants to tell you that you are His chosen vessel. He wants you to rise up and lead His children living in the darkness into the light of God.

Esther gave an excuse when she was told to go to the king and plead for the life of her people, who were about to be killed. She had the chance to save the Jews from death. But she initially refused to do what was needed of her, as the act of going into the king’s presence, without being summoned, could even lead to her being put to death.

Soon enough, she took the decision to go to king and speak for her people. She took off the fear that held her from stepping out for her nation. She fasted and prayed and proceeded to the king.

Did God let her down?? Or did God let Moses down??

Not at all!

God was faithful. He strengthened them and led them.He showed them favour and provided them their needs.

 Moses turned out to be such a great leader whom everyone respected. God spoke to him directly. What a privilege! Similarly, Esther became a queen, who saved a whole nation. We talk about them even today.

The same God tells you that you need not worry about how low you feel about yourself, because His strength will be made perfect in our weakness. Even the most talented person cannot win a soul, if not for God.What matters is the presence of God. The hand of God. His leading and His grace.

Moses and Esther could have done nothing without God. They chose to obey God and to allow Him to have His way in them. You too can boldly go forward with the little strength that you have, because it is not you yourself, but the Lord Almighty who is sending you.

 Never forget that it is not a bit of anything of you. It is all about God.