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True Home

A servant of God left his home town at a young age to serve God in a far away place. After several years of slogging in ministry, he returned home expecting a great reward from God. The president of his country was in the same ship as he was, both eagerly waiting to arrive at their destination.

When they finally reached their home town, the president got out first. As he stood there and waved his hand, he was welcomed and cheered by a huge crowd of people shouting and rejoicing. Red carpet, bands and loads of gifts awaited him.

But as the man of God got out, Continue reading “True Home”


Real Intimacy

Real Intimacy

I love to read and I make it point to read every day. I read books, blogs, magazines, and whatever I find interesting and drawing towards Jesus. It’s all because I wanted a real intimacy with Him.

Some of the online magazines that I read were totally amazing, and they influenced me so much. I could see a lot of changes in my behaviour and habits. I also felt drawn to Jesus most of the time.

Reading about Christ was even (in a way) an inspiration for me to start blogging.

But it was not long before I started pondering over having a real intimacy with Jesus and ended up learning a lesson.

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