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Waiting on God for your Mr. Right

Waiting on God for your Mr. Right

I read about a girl who gave her life at a very young age and surrendered every part of her life including her marriage to Jesus. She decided never to give her heart to any man unless she was sure that he was the person that God had for her and it was the right timing for her to give her heart to him.

For a young American girl of 12 to surrender completely to God, never have a boyfriend and just wait on God to bring someone into her life seemed insane to people around. But was it really worth it? Continue reading “Waiting on God for your Mr. Right”


Joy, Pain, Comfort, Counsel

Having come to the end of this academic year, I just took a few minutes to think about how the entire year had gone.

To me, this whole year has been a period when I went through a lot of tears. The worst part was, I went through it all alone. I cried so much that I sometimes felt my brain would burst out, yet I shared it with no one around, for I did not find anyone to do so.

But then, there was hope! God helped me to turn to Him every time I faced something. And each time He proved Himself so compassionate, understanding and loving, no matter what kind of problem I went to Him with and how many times I went to Him for the same reason.

My God spoke to me every single time, through His Word, right into my situation. There were times I was wonder-struck at the way He spoke the exact thing that I needed and the way He did it every time without fail.

Of course He is God, who knows me inside out, even the deepest secrets in my heart.

When I was totally down, His word alone was my delight. When I thought I’m done and there is no hope for me, He filled me with peace and joy that was so beyond understanding. He not only consoled me, turning my sorrows into joy, but also counselled me each time through His Word and showed me the way out.

There was a time when I felt so pressed by all the work that I had to complete in the college, the exams that were like a terror at that time, the hurts from people around and other small problems adding fuel to these. I really thought I was going to go mad. But His Word sustained me. At that time, God just told me one thing – to rejoice in the glorious riches that He has for me in Heaven, which will never perish and not to worry about these earthly problems which will disappear very soon. (1 Peter 1. 3-6)

His Word turned my focus, from my problems to Him, and filled my heart with the same peace that filled me every time I went to Him.

Today I thank God for everything that I went through, for through it all, He made me understand the power of the Word of God.

This evening, as I was telling one of my friends that I went through a lot of tears this year, she could hardly believe it, for she never felt I was going through any pain. But the truth was, I did go through it. But God, through His Word made me smile in situations when it was not possible a bit and counselled me as to what I had to do. That’s what kept me going.

The psalmist says in Psalm 119.24, “Your statutes are my delight, they are my counsellors.”

How true this verse has been in my life!

Only His Word can bring life when we feel dead, delight when we are depressed and counsel when we are directionless. Praise be to God!

Have you been through such situations? How did God help you out? Share your views and experiences in the comments section below!

Beauty that’s of great worth

Every girl longs for it and does all that she can to attain it.. Beauty.
We love it when people compliment us for the way we look. For most girls, physical appearance matters so much. This is mainly because of two things – one is to be confident about ourselves and the other is that we are so worried about what others have to say about us and our looks.
It is definitely good to take care of the way we look, for we have to be confident about ourselves, and also be careful to be clean and elegant. Looking shabby and uncomely is gonna bring our reputation down and we should not give it a chance. But we also need to see to it that this is not the only thing we give importance to.

As the children of God, I want you to think about this beauty, that is of great worth in the sight of God. Peter writes in his first letter:
“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.
Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gently and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight” (I Peter 3:3,4).

Now this need not literally mean only braided hair and gold jewelry. This refers to any type of physical adornment we use to deck ourselves up. Again, not meaning to say that making ourselves look good is wrong, it is not. In fact, as I’ve mentioned above, it is good to be neat. Taking care of how we look on the outside, is important. But this should not be our only aim. We need to be balanced and should give emphasis to our inner beauty also.

Coming to what the scripture says about this unfading beauty. Do we really possess this gentle and quiet spirit? How do we react when we are accused wrongly, spoken bad of for no fault of ours, when we find everything around us is going wrong? Do we lose our control and try to pay back evil with evil, do we get discouraged and say “I have no hope”, or do we keep our cool, assured of the way God Himself will make things work together for our good in His own time, and surrender everything at His feet?. It doesn’t matter how rude a person can be with us, let us ask God to help us speak with gentleness as it is said in proverbs 15:1, ” A gentle answer turns away wrath”. 

There is one more thing we need to remember. Of course we all know it –  it is the fact that our physical beauty keeps fading but not our inner beauty. No matter how hard we try to look good, one day all that is gonna fade away. But there is one thing, that will still make us special women, that Proverbs 31 talks about, in the following verse,
“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” (Proverbs 31:30).
Yes, the fear of God, makes us women worthy of praise. Seeking God and holding a good character, values and virtue matters a lot. Focusing on just the way we look physically is not gonna be of any help. It may even lead to unwanted problems. But when we learn to submit to God and follow what He teaches us to do, we become blessed with the beauty that will last.

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