Run To Jesus

I would like to tell you about one of my favourite couples. Let’s see if you can guess who I’m talking about.

I happened to read about their life the other day and was so impressed by how beautiful they were with each other.

There was this young woman, who was waiting for her marriage. She did not know who her man will be and where he was. But, all that she knew was that she was so in love with him already, that she was ready to leave everything and go with him, any moment.

After waiting long, she was in for a big surprise when a proposal was brought to her. She felt like her dreams had come true, for when she met him, she got to know what a blessed he was. She was delighted to know that he was not just a good man, but also someone who started loving her very much. She became his source of comfort and the girl felt like she had gotten the greatest gift of her life- her wonderful husband.

There is another point I love about them. This man was a person who prayed for his wife. In fact, she conceived as an answer to his prayer for her. Isn’t that beautiful? Sure it’s beautiful and I’m also sure you would have guessed the couple right by now. If not, it is Isaac and Rebecca. (Genesis 25)

I would like to talk about what impressed me about Rebecca.

Like I told already, her husband was a gift to her and she sure felt blessed and loved. She would have loved him more than anybody else that she could think of. He was probably her greatest joy. I’m sure she would have wanted to tell him every good and bad, sad and happy, small and big thing that was in her heart.

Now this young woman gets conceived one day and finds out that there is something wrong, going on inside of her. She was scared, confused and anxious to know what was wrong.But thankfully, she had her husband, who loved her so much and could give her confidence, to share it with.

But let me tell you something that really touched me.

She did not choose to go to Isaac with her problem. Instead, she went to God and enquired of Him. (Genesis 25.22).

Can you believe? Her love for her husband, her greatest joy in this world, the love of her life, her prayer partner was definitely not more than the love that she had for her God.

She trusted God more than the man she loved and shared her life with.

Today, my friend, we may have one friend or many friends, who can be with us, or understand us, who are very close to our hearts and can even pray with us and for us. God still wants to be the first.

Whom do we think of when we get up in the morning? Who comes to our mind in times of joy? Whom do we run to when in trouble? It is definitely good to share our burden. But the question is whose face do we seek first?

Even if we do not have friends, do we long to have human beings as our comfort or do we run gladly into the arms of God and are embraced by His love? God wants us to seek Him first. It doesn’t matter what kind of problem or need it is, He is all sufficient. No love can match His love for us. He is madly in love with you and wants you to be with Him always.

David tells the Lord in Psalms 27.8, “You have said, ‘seek My face’. My heart says to you, “your face Lord, do I seek.”

Yes, God wants us to seek Him and not any man. Shall we tell the Lord that we will seek Him first always and not run to man instead.

When we seek the Lord first, we will lack no good thing (Psalm 34.10) and every other blessing will come our way even if we do not ask for them (Matthew 6.33). All that you thought was going wrong will turn out to be for your good. Just trust Jesus. He makes a way where there seems to be no way.

Amidst problems, I have personally experienced such joy that none of my friends could give. It happened when I sought the face of Jesus. He covers me with His love and speaks to me from His Word every time I seek Him.

What is your choice today, do you still want to run to people or do you want to seek God first?

Trust me, you will never regret going to God first and no man can give the satisfaction that Jesus gives us.