Have you ever realised that there is a light shining in you?

It is the light that brings hope to the hopeless, comfort to the broken and peace to those who don’t have any peace in them. Yes, it is the light of Christ that shines on you.

The very first verse of Isaiah 61 says, “Arise and shine for your light has come”. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and are living in Him, His light is shining upon you.

guard your light

Sadly, many  are allowing the light in them to fade, by moving away from God slowly, sometimes even without their knowledge. From light, their life moves to darkness.

When we are in the dark, we are ignorant, with our hearts hardened and far from God. We are no longer sensitive to the still small voice of God. Impurity and lust takes over us and we continually long for more of them (Ephesians 4: 17-19).

Do you feel this way now? Let me tell you my friend, God has not given up on you. He wants to draw you back into His light, into the holy life which you are called to live.  If you feel God can never forgive you again, just shake that lie off your head and take a moment, go on your knees and cry out to Jesus and telling Him, “Jesus I sinned against you, please forgive me and draw me close to you”, because God is waiting for you to return and He wants you back very badly.

Now, let me also remind you of what God tells in Matthew 6: 22-23. He says, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness”.

Yes my dear friend, it is very important to guard our light. The key to it, is to guard our eyes first. It is what we see that takes root in our minds, becomes our thinking, our desire and finally our action. Have you  ever done something that you never wanted to and then wondered how you could act so bad, because it was just not your character? It is because of what you kept seeing around you, that came out as action after its time inside your mind.

My friend once forced me to watch a horror movie with her, because she was scared to watch it alone. I hesitated in the beginning, but finally agreed to watch it for five minutes with her. Believe me, five minutes became two hours and I badly suffered the impacts of watching those scary scenes. They would come in front of my eyes every night, especially when I was alone. They kept haunting me even though I wanted to forget them.

It is the same with things which display lust, violence, anger or anything negative we know we should not have in us. They keep lingering in our minds and thoughts until we do it someday. It’s no use saying, I’ll watch it just once. Watching it once will never happen, because the flesh will crave for more and more, and will never be satisfied, making its victims addicted to it. So, learn to say NO, the very first time.

Ask for God’s help and keep your eyes clean and holy. Turn your eyes away from any movie, poster, book or even people who display what displeases God.

Let your body be full of Light so that you will be blessed and will be a blessing to everyone around you. Arise and shine for God!