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Just ask

My husband and I waited for signs of pregnancy after being married for a couple of months.There seemed to be none. Though we did not feel miserable we were a little concerned about the matter.

We waited month after month, only to be disappointed. Continue reading “Just ask”

True Home

A servant of God left his home town at a young age to serve God in a far away place. After several years of slogging in ministry, he returned home expecting a great reward from God. The president of his country was in the same ship as he was, both eagerly waiting to arrive at their destination.

When they finally reached their home town, the president got out first. As he stood there and waved his hand, he was welcomed and cheered by a huge crowd of people shouting and rejoicing. Red carpet, bands and loads of gifts awaited him.

But as the man of God got out, Continue reading “True Home”

Real Intimacy

Real Intimacy

I love to read and I make it point to read every day. I read books, blogs, magazines, and whatever I find interesting and drawing towards Jesus. It’s all because I wanted a real intimacy with Him.

Some of the online magazines that I read were totally amazing, and they influenced me so much. I could see a lot of changes in my behaviour and habits. I also felt drawn to Jesus most of the time.

Reading about Christ was even (in a way) an inspiration for me to start blogging.

But it was not long before I started pondering over having a real intimacy with Jesus and ended up learning a lesson.

Continue reading “Real Intimacy”

Waiting on God for your Mr. Right

Waiting on God for your Mr. Right

I read about a girl who gave her life at a very young age and surrendered every part of her life including her marriage to Jesus. She decided never to give her heart to any man unless she was sure that he was the person that God had for her and it was the right timing for her to give her heart to him.

For a young American girl of 12 to surrender completely to God, never have a boyfriend and just wait on God to bring someone into her life seemed insane to people around. But was it really worth it? Continue reading “Waiting on God for your Mr. Right”

The Lesson From Pain

I have wondered many times how God could allow so much of pain in my life. But I never realized then, that it was only for my good.

The Lesson From Pain

All of us have a lot of people around us, friends, classmates, colleagues, family members and so on. But there will be just one person we feel very close to, with whom you laugh together, cry together, work together and just enjoy each other’s friendship, because the bond is so good. There is so much trust between each other.

God blessed me with such a friend, someone I trusted like I trusted no one else. I could bear any problem with anyone else except with this best friend of mine. When she was there for me, I felt supported, comforted and strong. Nothing that happened to me seemed like a very big problem.

But one day I found myself in a situation where things were not the same anymore. In fact it was just the opposite. My best friend was no more my best friend and very soon, I found myself being avoided by the same person who once loved me so much. Continue reading “The Lesson From Pain”

The Power of Encouragement

I’ve had this desire in me for very long, a desire to do something with the little talents that God has given me, a desire to write.

But there was also fear. What if no one likes what I write? And what do I even write about?

This was not the first time I got such questions discouraging me. It happened almost every time I felt I could do something. My confidence was thrown in the dark. Continue reading “The Power of Encouragement”

Guard Your Light

Have you ever realised that there is a light shining in you?

It is the light that brings hope to the hopeless, comfort to the broken and peace to those who don’t have any peace in them. Yes, it is the light of Christ that shines on you.

The very first verse of Isaiah 61 says, “Arise and shine for your light has come”. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and are living in Him, His light is shining upon you.

guard your light

Sadly, many  are allowing the light in them to fade, by moving away from God slowly, sometimes even without their knowledge. From light, their life moves to darkness.

Continue reading “Guard Your Light”

Run To Jesus

I would like to tell you about one of my favourite couples. Let’s see if you can guess who I’m talking about.

I happened to read about their life the other day and was so impressed by how beautiful they were with each other.

There was this young woman, who was waiting for her marriage. She did not know who her man will be and where he was. But, all that she knew was that she was so in love with him already, that she was ready to leave everything and go with him, any moment.

After waiting long, she was in for a big surprise when a proposal was brought to her. She felt like her dreams had come true, for when she met him, she got to know what a blessed he was. She was delighted to know that he was not just a good man, but also someone who started loving her very much. She became his source of comfort and the girl felt like she had gotten the greatest gift of her life- her wonderful husband.

Continue reading “Whom Do I Run To?”

Will God Accept Me?


There was time in my life when I felt like I sinned so much against God, that by no means can He like me after that. I could see everything going wrong around me and I was so convinced they were the consequences of my sins. I was so down in my spirit and felt like God had forsaken me. I felt simply hopeless.

At that point of time I had no other choice but to keep asking Him for His grace, for I knew I could do nothing without God. And though I kept asking God for forgiveness, I felt so strong inside that God will not forgive me because I’m just too bad.

Today, I wanna share with you how God beautifully showed me His love and took me back again into the experience of the joy of His salvation.

From the time I started condemning myself, I was begging God for forgiveness. And I’m sure God forgave me the very first time I went to Him in tears. But I never believed it. I’m so glad God was determined to pull me back into His love that He kept talking to me repeatedly, from the Word of God, how He loves sinners, till I was convinced that God still loves me.

Jesus ate with sinners when He was on this earth. He loved them and forgave them when they came to Him believing in Him. He accepts us the way we are and can make us righteous.

Psalms 103:12 says, “as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.”

God not only removes our sins from us. He even forgets them when we confess our sins and ask Him to forgive us. No sin is beyond the grace of God, that it cannot be cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

Now instead of condemning ourselves, let us turn to God and pursue Him. Let us resolve to spend time meditating on His Word and praying. If we don’t do that, we cannot live a Holy life.

God loves you the way you are. He wants you totally and He wants you right now. Are you willing to get back to Him?

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