We are so much influenced by what we keep seeing and hearing about what people do around us. Unfortunately, most of those things seem to be those that we are not supposed to be doing.The worst part is when we don’t even realize that we are doing something wrong.

Sometimes we feel those things have become so common, and arrive at ┬áthe conclusion that doing them is not wrong at all, and we say its okay to do it because everyone does it. And sometimes we think its a trivial thing and it doesn’t matter if we do it.

But friends, if you’re reading this blog right now,it’s because God loves you and is reminding you, that you are called to be different. We cannot follow the pattern of this world because we do not belong to this world.

And whether it is a small thing or a big thing, sin is sin. We do know that small droplets of water make a huge ocean and small bricks a massive building. Likewise the small things we do lead us into great things.

A thief who can go to the extent of killing someone for the sake of money probably started with stealing just a pen from his neighbour during his childhood days. This is why we need to sensitive about every small thing that we do.

Let me give some examples. The small lies that we tell our friend, parents or anyone, to hide a small thing seem small. Copying in an exam to score high seems to be not wrong at all. We may feel the same when it comes to talking ill of another person in their absence, spreading rumours, using abusive language, watching things that we should not be watching, listening to songs that lead our minds away from God. The list can go on. But we can realize them if we can just take time to check if what we are doing is right or wrong.

No one can say that he is without sin. If he does, he deceives himself. The word of God says that the wages of sin is death. If we are judged by the law, we deserve death. But see this verse in Romans 8.3

For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending His own son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering“.

And checkout the first verse in that chapter:

” Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”.

Isn’t that amazing. When we believe that Jesus came to die for us, as a sin offering and repent and ask Him to wash us of ours sins, He does it. Then as we live with Jesus in our hearts and lives, no one can condemn us of our sins, for we are cleansed by the blood of Christ.

Friends, let me just remind you. We are living in the last days, and we never know what will happen to us when. If God comes now where will we go? To Heaven, where we can rejoice with God forever, or Hell, where we will suffer in fire forever?

Let us take a moment to analyze ourselves. Are we right with God or are we not. We have a loving God, waiting with open arms to receive us. Let us run to Him and ask Him to forgive us and come into our hearts before it’s too late.

Remember, Jesus came to die for us. He loves us and wants to be our friend too. Call Him into your heart. Keep talking to Him. He will transform your life.